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The United States Senate came just one vote away from adding an amendment to the U.S. Constitution which would have made it illegal to burn the American Flag. Apparently no one's ever explained to these morons that burning of the flag is the appropriate way to dispose of it when worn, tattered, frayed, etc.

One of the things that our flag represents is freedom. As stated in the First Amendment, Congress shall make no law abridging one's freedom of speech. In fact, the United States Supreme Court ruled in 1989 and again in 2006 that burning of the American Flag is is protected by the First Amendment.

The Bush Administration along with a number of other morons in our government just keep fighting on, attempting to limit our freedoms by pulling stunts like the Patriotic Act, tapping phone lines, trying to force reporters to disclose their sources, etc. Removal of one's freedom of choice to burn or not to burn the American Flag is an act of fascism.

Burning of the American Flag is a poor manner in which to express anger toward the country. It is foolish and solves nothing. However, it is much more foolish attempting to destroy what our flag stands for in order to keep someone from simply burning a piece of cloth.

President Bush Signing Flag
President George W. Bush signing the American Flag,
totally oblivious of   U.S. Code Section 3.



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